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Oral Presentations

Sorry everyone, I forgot to mention that if the day for your child’s presentation does not suit you, please let me know and I can easily change it :))) Advertisements

Choir day

This afternoon we had the pleasure of being entertained by 3 school choirs all lead by our wonderful Ms Esta!  ISB (Bogor) and NZIS (NZ International school) spent all day at our school learning new songs and getting singing instruction and tips from Ms Esta and Ms Lia. It was a very special afternoon and […]

Art Today

Look out over the next few days for some pretty fabulous constructions that were made in Art this week.  We had a mini Jurassic Park, a bird, a TV, a telescope, a soccer pitch, a Foos Ball game, a lap top, an astronaut, a bedroom, an Ipad, a shop with a boxing ring, a puppet, […]

Oral Presentation Dates next week

Today in your child’s daily planner is the details of their day for the oral presentations. All presentations will begin at 9.15am.  We will be sharing with 2A and parents are welcome to come and watch on your child’s day. The sessions will run for approx 30 minutes and each presentation is between 2- 3mins.  […]

words words words

So far this week in 1/2T we have been looking at suffixes, prefixes and compound words.  The children are being WORD CONSCIOUS which means really thinking about a word, what it means, what it looks like, how it sounds, how it is written, how it makes us feel and how we can use it. There […]

Missing Book

Earlier this term Mr Rob gave us a set of soft covered books (like a magazine) to read, as part of a read-a-thon.  Unfortunately one of these is missing.  The title is A BIRD ON THE HEAD.  If you could please help out by having a look at home for this it would be much […]

End of year excursion

On Tuesday 10th of December.  We will be going to Taman Budaya in Sentul.  This will be a celebration for the end of the year.  The excursion will involve outbound activities including 14 different games! A few students are leaving early and I’m really sorry you won’t be able to come with us. A permission […]

Homework – Oral Presentations

Below is a copy of a post earlier this term about our homework for Term 4.  The presentations will be in week 9 and approx 5 children from 2A and 1/2T will present together on different days that week.  Your child’s specific day will be sent home next week.  Parents are very welcome to attend […]

Spelling investigations

This week we have been looking at the spelling pattern of gh.  We looked through our books and found as many words as we could that had the gh pattern anywhere in the word.  We found lots.  This is what we have decided about the gh spelling pattern.

Getting along with others

As part of our day in 1/2T we regularly look at good ways to get along with others.  Some of these include playing in a friendly way, saying no in a nice way, being fair, being a good loser and accepting defeat and not bragging about being the best.  These are all really important things […]