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Oral Presentations – week 3 Describe a person you really admire

We will continue to have the presentations on Friday this week.  I am really looking forward to seeing them because I missed last week. Any problems, questions please let me know. Advertisements

Masha and the Firebird – Making Predicitons

The children have been making predictions about what might happen in this book.  We have been using our background knowledge of stories, what we have already read in this book and what we know about real life to help us predict what might happen.  Here are some examples: I think Baba Yaga will get the […]

History – Let’s Play

Our History unit this term is Let’s Play.  We will be looking at how technology has changed the toys we play with.  We will be looking at the ways people played in the past, including the toys they played with and comparing them to what we play with today. We will be looking at some […]

Canteen lunches and children absent

Just a friendly reminder – we are hoping you can help us and the canteen out by letting us know when your child is absent if you need us to cancel their snack or lunch. Either let the office or me know before 8.30 if you need us to cancel a lunch order.  Thanks so […]

Great website for books

It can be sometimes difficult to find great books for children to read. Over the holidays I finally looked at a fantastic website that I had known about for a while, by the best selling author James Patterson.  I have only just started to read his books – and he has hundreds!!  The website has […]

Welcome back to 2T for term2 2013

Hi everyone!  Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  Don’t forget that we are phasing out the plastic cups this term, so bring your own drink bottle and or cup to school tomorrow.  I will have cups available initially so we can ease into this. The teachers have just finished a fabulous 2 day conference […]

Adding final touches to Term 1 portfolios

The children take great pride in their portfolios. All work was glued into the book independently by the children, which was sometimes difficult when they had to leave a space for the tags that were stuck on later. We hope you enjoyed reading and discussing your child’s portfolio. Remember this is just a snap shot […]